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4 Warning Signs That You Need New Gutters

Gutters and downspouts play important roles in keeping your entire home safe and intact. When they fail, eventually everything else will follow, including your roof, your siding, your windows, your landscaping and your home’s foundation. You must always be on the lookout for red flags to tackle gutter replacement in a timely manner.

How do you know you need new gutters?

Knox’s Construction shares the four most telling signs to watch out for:

When You Notice Leaks When It’s Raining

“Leaky gutters” is an oxymoron. The purpose of your gutter system is to channel the rain that drops on your roof away from your home. Water leaks indicate that it’s not doing its job well. Holes and cracks in the gutters drain the water into the wrong places, which would wreak havoc on your home inside and out.

When There Are Flecks of Orange on Them

Any experienced roofing contractor would say that the sight of flecks of orange points to rust. This only occurs in gutters that are made from alloys containing iron, like steel. Although steel gutters are covered with paint, their protective layer peels with time as well. If your gutter system is relatively new, the presence of rust means that water is pooling in extended periods, which could due to clogging.

When They Start to Sag

Sagging gutters and downspouts are indicative of hardware failure. When the clips and screws that hold them in place loosen, they, of course, sag and become inefficient as a drainage system. The gutters that pull away from your home are also a hazard to anyone who unknowingly walks past them.

When There Are Water Spots beneath Them

One of the reasons why many homeowners tackle siding replacement prematurely is because of a faulty gutter. Undetected leaks accelerate the wear and tear of your walls. They expedite the peeling of exterior paint and cause siding boards to rot because of constant moisture. So if you spot water marks in areas near your gutters, you don’t have to wait for the rain to suspect that they’re leaky.


Ultimately, spotting all of these signs in your gutter system won’t necessarily justify replacement. Most problems are repairable, but you’ll want a thorough professional inspection to determine the best solution.

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